8 February, 2019 — Growing instructions

How to plant lilies

Cultivation Despite their exotic appearance, lilies in pots are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is make sure that the compost is […]

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Iris Dwarf/Reticulata Splish Splash
8 February, 2019 — Growing instructions

Container Planting

What pot? The larger the pot the better, although of course bulbs can be adapted to plant in any sized container.  Wooden containers offer the […]

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8 February, 2019 — Your gardening year

February jobs in the garden

Bulbs Lift and divide clumps of snowdrops and winter aconites once they have finished flowering. Mulch borders providing bulbs with much needed food as they […]

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8 February, 2019 — Caring for bulbs

Naturalising Flower Bulbs

Summer bulbs Flower bulbs suitable for naturalizing have just a little more to offer than the ones for multiple-year flowering. Like them, bulbs for naturalizing […]

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Dahlia Pennylane
15 January, 2019 — Growing instructions

Learn about Dahlias

Dahlias: Their care and cultivation Native to Central America, dahlias are named after plant collector Andreas Dahl who was born in Sweden. From its original […]

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10 January, 2019 — Growing instructions

Nerines! So under-rated

Learn about Nerines Nerines originate from South Africa, but some nerines are tough enough to withstand the UK climate and brighten up an autumn garden. […]

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7 January, 2019 — Growing instructions

Learn about Achimenes

Learn about Achimenes Achimenes are very attractive pot plants, free flowering and are relatively easy to grow. They originate from Central and South America and […]

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