2 April, 2019 — Colour Trends

Be Mellow Yellow this Summer!

Get in the mood for Easter with our recommendation of yellow blooms to grow this summer.


Dahlias will bring the sunshine to your garden all summer long and into the autumn. The classic Bishop of York is a great addition for any summer border, with it’s bronzy foliage, this peony flowered dahlia adds a burst of colour to your planting scheme. Advance is a fantastic dinner plate variety which starts salmon pink fading to creamy yellow and will give huge flowerheads. HS Date is a single flowered dahlia which have an outer ring of florets which often overlap and are very attractive to bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects – see our previous article here


Lilies are one of the most attractive summer flowering plants and can be left undisturbed for years and moved only when they become overcrowded. Our variety of yellow lilies include asiatics, trumpet and double/pollen free types.

Fata Morgana is a vivid fully double lily with golden yellow flowers with a deeper golden yellow centre, speckled with brown spots. Golden Splendour is a majestic trumpet lily which has beautiful deep golden yellow flowers hued with pink on the outside of the petals. Pearl Melanie is an asiatic type which has slightly downward facing flowers.


There are so many more ways to bring burst of yellow colour to your garden – begonias are ideal for beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets and will flower all summer long. They are best started off in the greenhouse but once planted out and established they require minimum maintenance.

Other species to consider

Varieties such as tigridia (Mexican Shell Flower), ranunculus, canna, gladioli, will give long lasting summer colour – have a look at our selection below.