Allium Metallic Shine


Metallic Shine lives up to it’s name as the flower heads have a soft metal grey sheen to them, growing to 20 inches.

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Allium Metallic Shine has stunning deep purple flowers with a hint of metallic hue to them. Plant bulbs approximately four times deeper than the diameter of the bulbs.  Alliums should be fed with bone meal or similar during the leaf and flowering stage.

Cultivation Instructions

Alliums perform incredibly well with early flowering perennials and are great at attracting bees and butterflies. Allium Metallic Shine naturalise very well in well drained soils. Cultivate soils to a depth of 15-20cms and plant bulbs pointy side up at 10cms and 10cms apart.

Feed bulbs with bone meal or similar during the flowering period. Plant in areas that are not exposed to the worst of the elements. Regularly feed during the growing season with foods such as well rotted manures, tomato feed and bone meal.

Care tips:

Feed well during the growing season.  Mulch borders with well rotted manure or compost over the winter to ensure they come back.

Growing information

Flowering Height: 4 feet (120cm)

Flowering period: June

Soil type: All soils that are free draining. Particularly likes humus rich soils.

Aspect: Sheltered site in semi shade to full sun, a strong grower.

Planting Depth: 10cms

Planting Distance: 10cms apart.

Our tip: Can be used for Cut Flower and dry flower arrangements.

Full growing instructions provided

Bulbs will be dispatched from September on-wards.


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