Amaryllis belladonna AGM


Known as the Jersey Lily, these attractive autumn flowering bulbs have fantastic showy pale pink flowers.

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Also known as the ‘JERSEY LILY’ The rosy pink fragrant flowers bloom on top of sturdy stalks. The flowers appear before the leaves and are quite a magnificent mass of umbels shapes. Prefers a warm aspect of the garden. Can also be grown in pots in the conservatory or greenhouse. Plant the bulbs just below the surface in a well drained, south facing aspect. Protect the lush leaves from any early frosts and remember to feed during the flowering and leaf stage. They look great when planted with gladioli callianthus and any gladioli nanus types.

AGM = Award Garden Merit

Tip: Good for containers.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun,

Soil types: Loam, Chalk, Sand


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