Anemone nemerosa Vestal AGM


A wonderful pure white nemerosa anemone that has double flowers.

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Anemone nemerosa Vestal AGM is an excellent plant for the shadier gardens producing gorgeous pure white double flowers. Wood anemones are very popular and are ideal for growing in shady spots or under trees. They will spread and naturalise very well quickly filling up bare areas. Awarded a garden merit by the RHS for its suitability in growing in the garden. Easy to grow for beginners Anemone nemerosa Vestal AGM can be left undisturbed for many years. They will grow very well with things such as anemone blandas and trilliums. Use bulb starter when first planting to give them a great start.

They like to be grown in humus rich soils in the shadier areas of the garden. In soils that are not rich in humus matter use well rotted compost to add to the soil when cultivating. Cultivate the soil to a depth of 10cms (if possible) and plant rhizomes as per growing information below. Keep soils moist in the first year to encourage good root development. They will grow very well with things such as anemone blandas and trilliums.

AGM: Awarded a Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society for its easy garden performance.

Flowering Time is March to April.

Flowering height is 4 inches (10cm)

New Season bulb supplied from September onwards



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