Cardiocrinum giganteum


Cardiocrinums are majestic plants from Eastern Asia and are monocarpic.

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This variety is pure white with a deep red throat. These majestic plants are from Eastern Asia. They are monocarpic. The bulbs die after flowering but leave behind a number of small bulblets, which when grown on will flower in 3 to 4 years.
These plants normally grow at the edges of woodlands and once established they grow easily. They prefer deep soil or leaf mould, manure and a little sand although they do not need to be planted too deep into the soil benefiting from having the tip just above the soil level. When planting the top of the bulbs should be level with the surface and in severe winters they should be well mulched with a coarse organic matter to protect them.

Flowering height 5ft – 10ft.

Aspect: Do not plant in full sun, good dappled shade is ideal.

Soil type: Deep well cultivated humus rich soils that do not get waterlogged.

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