Clivia miniata var citrina AGM


This clivia has wonderful golden yellow flowers and they are sent out as potted plants.

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Clivia miniata var citrina AGM is a lovely golden yellow and a plant that is much sought after. The leaves are dark green and wide with a large funnel-shaped flower ideal for indoor areas.  The long strap-shaped leaves are evergreen and spring from thick branching roots or rhizomes. Like other members of the tribe Haemantheae to which it belongs, Clivia fruits are berries. When ripe, they contain large fleshy seeds which are often more than 1 cm in diameter.

AGM = Award of Garden Merit given by the RHS

Cultivation instruction

Plant Indoors: Clivia miniata var citrina AGM are supplied in pots and are large bulbous plants with evergreen foliage for growing indoors. The leaves are also a great feature and are dark green and wide. After 1 or 2 years they will need to be re-potted as they are quite prolific! but remember to feed them during the growing season with something like Baby Bio or house plant food.

Plant outside: Not suitable for growing outside

Care Tips:

Can be grown quite successfully in containers.

Feed plants as they flower for future performance.

Growing information

Flowering height: 24-26″ (60-70cms)

Flowering period: March onwards

Soil type: Indoor potting compost.

Aspect: Indoors in the warmer sunnier rooms.

Scented: Yes

Planting distance: N/A

Planting depth: Supplied in pots

Full growing instructions also provided

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