Colocasia esculenta


Esculenta has gorgeous glossy green leaves that are followed by blackish berries in the autumn.

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Colocasia are grown for their large and showy foliage. Esculenta produces lovely arching stems of pendulous greenish-white flowers followed by blackish berries in the autumn. They are not totally hardy but with our often mild winters they will possibly survive outside if the soil is free draining and they are mulched well over the winter. They are clump forming perennials and will respond to a regular watering and feeding by putting on signifcant growth. Plant with the top of bulb 10cms below the soil surface in a shady spot that has soils that are humus rich and are free draining. They do not like to be planted in direct sunlight but do like alot of light for foliage development. During the growing period remove the dead leaves to encourage further leaf development. If grown in containers over winter in a frost free spot,

Soil Types: Free draining, humus rich soils in a shady spot. Ph 5.5 to 7

Aspect: Shady spot out of direct sunlight.



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