Eranthis hyemalis AGM


Hyemalis is the early flowering of the eranthis varieties we offer and grows to 4 inches.

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Eranthis hyemalis AGM is a gorgeous bright yellow and flowers from January to February, giving a splash of sunshine in the garden during the last of the winter months. Eranthis are also known as winter aconites and are best grown in a woodland area. Once they are established they will freely seed themselves. Worth soaking the corms overnight prior to planting.

Eranthis will grow in any soil in a shady spot in humus rich, well drained soil. Soaking the bulbs beforehand in water will aid germination.  Once planted leave undisturbed until it is time to lift and divide into the larger clumps.  They naturalise well and are ideal for rock gardens, growing to 10cm tall.  Plant 7-8cm deep and 5-10cm apart.

Cultivation Instructions

Cultivate the soil before planting to a depth of 10cms and dig in organic matter (if available) to provide food when they are growing. Bulbs should be planted 10cms deep and 10-15cms apart in groups of 5 or more for the best effect. Narcissi will provide a fantastic shoe of flowers in the spring and will continue to flower for many years. They prefer to be grown in full sun although they can be grown in semi shade. Ensure soils are well drained and do not dry out in the summer. Allow foliage to die back after flowering, you can remove the leaves when they have turned yellow. Once established they will spread quite quickly and to help them establish we recommend using bulb starter. Flowers are very dwarf at 7-10cm tall. Plant bulbs approx 2-4cms deep and ensure they receive enough moisture in the first year.

Care tips:

Soak overnight before planting and do not let the soil that they are planted in dry out in the first year.

Work well when grown with dwarf tulips and specie crocus

Feed regularly during the growing season with high potash and phosphate foods such as  bone meal or tomato food.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 10-12cm (4-5″)

Flowering Period: Feb/March

Aspect: Shadier areas of the garden, will tolerate full sun but not the best conditions for them.

Soil type: Free draining humus rich soils

Scented: N/A

Planting Depth: 3-5cms

Planting distance: 5cms

New season top quality bulbs dispatched from September on-wards

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