Garlic Kingsland Wight


Hardneck variety and can be planted in containers or directly into the garden.

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Ideal for cooking Garlic Kingsland Wight is superb to grow and cook with. Garlic sets are choice mother bulbs with many cloves attached. These bulbs are easy to grow and will provide an abundance of fresh garlic for cooking. Garlic Kingsland Wight is a hardneck variety and can be planted in containers or directly into the garden. Happy in most soils that are free draining, matures in late summer.

Nutritional values: An excellent source of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). It is also a very good source of manganese, selenium and vitamin C. In addition, garlic is a good source of other minerals, including phosphorous, calcium, potassium, iron and copper source of

Cultivation Instructions:

Sowing Indoors: N/A

Sow/Plant outdoors: Cultivate soils to a depth of 15-20cms and rake the top surface to provide a fine crumb to plant the seeds into. Garlic can be planted in late Autumn (September to November) or early Spring (February to April). Garlic should be planted in well drained soils in a sunny spot. Before planting dig in some well-rotted organic manure. Break the Garlic Bulb into individual cloves and plant them so that the tips are 2.5cm (1”) below the soil surface and 10cm (4”) apart. Subsequent rows can be planted 30cm (12”) apart.

Remove weeds regularly and snip off any flowers that may form. Only water if the soil starts to dry out. Once the bulbs are large and well-formed discontinue watering. If necessary, cover the Cloves with fleece to prevent birds from pulling them up.

Garlic is ready to harvest when the foliage turns yellow which will usually be from July onwards. Lift the Garlic with a fork and allow them to dry. This is best achieved by placing the garlic under cover in a dry, airy place. Once dried, Garlic can be stored in a cool, dry, frost-free place until ready to eat.


Select a container with plenty of drainage holes in the bottom, which is a minimum of 25cm (10’’) deep and 35cm (14’’) diameter. Add crocks to the bottom of the container to help with drainage and fill the container with potting soil and mix in a slow release fertilizer. Follow Planting instructions as above.

Care Tips:

Garlic prefer soils that are alkaline, in acid soils add lime and work in well before planting.

Sow with other vegetables for home grown flavoursome vegetables

Water in well and keep fed during the growing season.

Early spring sowings may benefit from being sown under cloches.

Hardneck varieties develop a long flowering stem, which will eventually produce tiny bulbils at its top end. These should be cut from the plants in the early summer, as the production of bulbils can rob energy from the plant. Hardneck varieties are often better in colder gardens as they are more winter hardy. In general they will produce less cloves per head but these are deemed to be more flavour-some. They do not store quite as well as the softneck varieties so growing both types will provide you with garlic for a longer period.

Growing Information:

Soil type: Free draining light soils that are humus rich.

Aspect: Full sun but also ok in partial shade.

Planting time: September to November or February to April

Position: Prefer open planting in vegetable beds or containers

Harvest: May to September dependent on planting period.

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