Gladioli Frozen Sparks


Flowers of pale creamy white with pinkish tinges to the edge of the petals make this a wonderful new gladioli.

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Frozen Sparks is a new nanus gladioli that has flowers of creamy white tinged pink. For a longer season of flowers plant at regular intervals from March to April. In all but the colder parts of the garden this gladioli is hardy and can thus be left undisturbed to flower the following years. Plant 10cm deep in soil that is fertile and well drained. We recommend that you plant in groups of 5 or more to get the best effect. When flower spikes are 15cms tall add a high potash fertiliser such as bone meal. Ideal for cut flower.

Ideal for cut flower.

Aspect: Full sun to semi shade.

Soil type: Fertile well drained soils




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