Hippeastrum Luna


Aptly named for it’s glowing moon surface colouring makes this very distinctive.

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Hippeastrum Luna is a superb creamy white to yellow flower head with a distinct green centre.

Amaryllis as they are commonly known are a very popular indoor flowering bulb. We supply big grade bulbs which will produce at least two flower stems with 4 to 6 flowers per stem.

Cultivation instructions

Plant Hippeastrum Luna in a good indoor bulb compost with a third of the bulb above the soil surface. Plant in pots which are about 5cms bigger in circumference than the bulb. Remember the stems will grow quite tall and thus become top heavy so ensure containers will not fall over easily. Put some crocks in the bottom of the container to allow drainage away from the roots as it is not recommended to have drainage holes in the pots unless you are using a saucer. Water well during the growing stage and feed regularly. After flowering water and feed for a further 8-10 weeks and then with draw water and allow the foliage to die back. Leave dormant for a number of months before starting the cycle again.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 90cms (36″)

Aspect: Indoor flowering, conservatories and greenhouses.

Soil type: Indoor Bulb compost

New season top quality bulbs delivered from October onwards

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