Kaempferia rotunda


Kaempferia rotunda is a lovely sweet smelling plant and ideal to grow in pots

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Kaempferia rotunda is part of the ginger family and is ideal for growing indoors. It can also be grown outside in containers during the summer time as long as they are bought indoors before the cold winter weather kicks in. The flowers of Kaempferia rotunda are an attractive white and purple and sweet smelling. The leaves are also very attractive. Can be left in the container for a number of years. Allow them to go dormant over winter by withdrawing water and letting them die back naturally.

Cultivation Instructions

Indoor Planting: Easy to grow but they require a warm spot in the house or to grow in a conservatory. Plant them in a container that has good drainage at the bottom. The soil mix should be equal quantities of loam peat and sand with grit added to help with drainage. Do not over water until you see the first signs of growth and then keep soils moist as they grow.

When growing indoors keep them in a well ventilated room that remains warm and humid with plenty of light but not direct sun light.

Outdoor Planting: Not suitable for growing outside but pots can be moved outside in the warmer summer months.

Care tips:

Feed with Tomato feed and bone meal. or similar during the growing period to ensure they remain health for years to come.

Growing information

Flowering height: 90-120 cm (36-48″)

Flowering period: August-September.

Soil type: Indoor potting compost

Aspect: Indoors, Greenhouse or conservatory or the warmer parts of the garden.

Scented: Yes

Planting Depth: 5-8cms.

Spacing: 20-30cms

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