Leucojum vernum AGM


Leucojum vernum is early flowering that aestivum and is shorter at only 6 inches tall.

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Vernum is much shorter than aestivum and is excellent for the damp/shadier areas of the garden that do not become waterlogged. The flowers are pure white and quite magnificent in appearance.

Leucojum is native to Europe, except in the north-west, and then through Turkey to Iran. The two species are widely naturalised throughout the world, including in other parts of Europe, Japan, parts of Australia, North America and Uruguay.

This variety has an AGM (award of garden merit) given to it by the RHS after a number of years of trials for its great garden performance.

Cultivation information

Leucojum can be left to naturalise for many years and like narcissi will quickly bulk up. The flowers appear in April/May at a height of about 50-60cm and look like the common snowdrop but slightly larger and on taller stems. Like most bulbs they need to have access to well rotted compost or organic matter (phosphate and potash) during the growing season. If not already in the soil add bone meal or similar to ensure they stay health for many years.

Growing instructions

Plant 8-10cm deep in a well drained rich soil and they prefer full sun but will tolerate semi-shade.   Plant in drifts or clumps for the best effect and leave undisturbed for a number of years.

Flowering Height: 6″ (15cm)

Flowering Time: February – March


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