Lilium Pearl Lorraine


Elegant flowers of reddish salmon, Pearl Lorraine grows to 2-3 feet.

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Lilium Pearl Lorraine has lovely salmon-red flowers that are quite distinctive. A superb asiatic lily Pearl Lorraine is often used as a cut flower or grown in containers. Asiatic lilies are amongst the earliest of the lilies to flower and can add early colour to the summer garden. Lilies are easy to grow and will naturalise well in all garden conditions as long as they do not become waterlogged.

Cultivation Instructions:

Plant indoors: Lilies are very hardy and can withstand the cold so can be planted direct into soils outside in gardens and borders.

Plant Outside: Lilies are a very versatile garden plant and they are ideal when grown in borders or containers around the house and garden. Once planted lilies are best left undisturbed for a number of years. Cultivate soils to a depth of 25cms and plant bulbs 10-15cms deep and 10cms apart. In heavy soils add humus matter and dig in well. Lilies prefer to be grown in well drained soils in the cooler or shadier parts of the garden. Lilies do like to get some sun during the day so very shaded areas are not recommended.

Care Tips:

Protect the young shoots from slugs and snails and remember to feed the bulbs with bone-meal or something similar during the flowering period.

In heavy soils add a handful of grit to the hole before planting the lily.

Growing Information

Flowering height: 30-34″ (75-85cms)

Flowering Period: June to July

Soil type: Humus rich free draining soils that do not get waterlogged.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun. Happy in the colder parts of the garden.

Fragrant: N/A

Bulb spacing: Garden 10cms. Containers so as bulbs do not touch each other

Planting depth: Garden 10-15cms, Containers minimum 10cms

Our Tip: Plant them in groups of 3 or more for the best effect.

Pests. If Lily beetle is a problem, spray with an appropriate insecticide. Alternatively the orange adults can be picked off and then check the underneath of the leaves for larvae.

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