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Empathy mini meadow is the ideal way to achieve the perfect habitat for polinating insects (bees, bugs & butterflies). Containing wild flower seeds, a soil conditioner and rootgrowTMmycorrhizal fungi. The flower seeds contained in mini meadow are all listed by the RHS as perfect for pollinators.

The easy sow pack contains adequate wild flower seed to cover 3m2 and is ideal for experienced and new gardeners, as it requires very little aftercare. It is a valuable tool to teach children the importance of bio-diversity in gardening.  500g.

How to sow your mini meadow:

Ideal for sowing in the Spring or Autumn.

1. Wild flowers can be sensitive to competition from weeds and so prepare your ground by clearing weeds and other debris.

2. Rake over an area of 3m2 (approx. 2m diameter circle) to level the soil leaving a rough surface for the seeds to fall into.

3. Broadcast the contents of the packet across the prepared area and lightly rake to cover.

4. Keep well watered.


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