Narcissi Division 11 Split Corona Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a very attractive split corona narcissi with white perianth and orange pink corona.

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Narcissi Division 11 Split Corona Edinburgh has a white perianth with orange pink corona. Grow in semi-shade to full sun and remember to feed if the soil is poor with bone meal or water in tomatoe food during the flower and leaf stage.

Cultivation instructions

Butterfly narcissi such as Narcissi Division 11 Split Corona Edinburgh are quite a superb group of narcissi. They are now called split corona narcissi and the characteristics of the flowers are very distinctive and colourful. Cultivate soils to a depth of 20cms and plant bulbs 15cms deep in soils that are well drained. In heavier soils add grit and humus matter during cultivation to help with drainage and plant bulbs slightly shallower. In lighter soils ensure they have plenty of humus matter which will provide food and also retain water. They will benefit from using bulb starter when first planting. Feed during the leaf and flower stage to ensure the bulbs are fully nourished to provide the following years growth. Ideal foods are well rotted humus matter, Bone meal and tomato food as they contain high levels of phosphate and potash.

Narcissi/daffodils are divided into many divisions and split corona varieties are ever increasing in popularity. They can be grown in containers as well as in the garden and can be left to naturalise for a number of years.

Protect early growth in the spring from slugs and snails and remove dead heads after flowering to get the best from them.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 14-16″ (40-45cm)

Flowering Period: April

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun.

Soil type: Free draining fertile soils that are fertile.

Tip: Do not cut off or tie up the leaves as this will not allow the bulbs to take in nutrients for the following years growth.

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