Narcissi Division 6 Cyclamineus Mother Duck


Mother Duck has a pale yellow perianth which is darker at the edges and a frilled corona.

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Narcissi Division 6 Cyclamineus Mother Duck has pale yellow perianth slightly darker at the edge. Funnel shaped, golden yellow corona, frilled. This was a new introduction last year and we can confirm it deserves its place in our selection. The flowers are quite exceptional and the slight frilling on the cup is a really nice touch by mother nature!

Cultivation instructions

Cyclamineus narcissi, such asNarcissi Division 6 Cyclamineus Mother Duck are a really popular group to be used in pots, containers and rockeries as well as borders in the garden. Suitable to be planted in many varied soil types as long as they are free draining, in heavier soils add grit or well rotted organic matter to help with drainage. In lighter soils such as sand add humus matter which will help to retain nutrients and water. Cultivate the soils to a depth of 15-20cms and plant bulbs 10cms deep and 10cms apart. When planting in containers the distance apart can be reduced to 5cms if required. Protect the early growth in the spring from slugs and snails and remove dead heads after flowering to get the best from them. Remember to feed the bulbs during the leaf and flower stage with bone meal, tomato feed or similar.

Work well in planting schemes with other dwarf bulbs such as anemonesdwarf irismuscaris and dwarf tulips for instance.

This is a late season daffodil that will naturalise very well in the garden and can be left undisturbed for many years.

Growing Information

Flowering Height:- 25-30cm

Flowering Period: March-April

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun. In semi-shade the flowers will last longer.

Soil type: Free draining fertile soils that are kept fertile.

Ideal foods: Well rotted humus matter, Bone meal and tomato food as they contain high levels of phosphate and potash.

Tip: Do not cut off or tie up the leaves as this will not allow the bulbs to take in nutrients for the following years growth.

New season top quality bulbs dispatched from September on-wards

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