Nerine bowdenii AGM


The classic rose pink nerine which is mostly frost hardy.

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Nerine Bowdenii AGM  are truly majestic blooms making excellent cut flowers. Nerine bowdenii AGM is frost hardy in the UK and will survive outside in gardens protected from the worst winter cold.  Also known as the Guernsey lily.

AGM = Award of Garden Merit given by RHS

Cultural Instructions

Plant bulbs just below the soil, in a sunny well drained position. For best results leave undisturbed for a number of years. They flower better when they are grown in crowded clumps.  Plant on arrival in a sunny well drained position just below the surface. Ideal against a south facing wall.

Nerines will eventually need to be divided every 4-6 years so check out our cultural instructions. Plant in early spring in a moderately fertilised soil that is free draining.  Lift other varieties and store in frost free conditions.


Feeding the bulbs can help them reach a good size and improve flowering. From January to April feed them every two weeks with a phosphorous and potassium-rich liquid feed, such as a tomato fertiliser, diluted to half strength (i.e. half what it says on the label for bulbs or containers) to stimulate flower production.


Growing Information

Soil Type: Well drained soils

Flowering height: 24″ (60cm)

Aspect: South Facing at the base of walls or fences would be ideal.

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