Roscoea Beesiana AGM


Beesiana is an unusual roscoea with flowers of pale yellow and purple markings.

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Roscoea Beesiana AGM produce flowers that are yellow with purple markings. These summer flowering tuberous rooted plants make ideal plants for the open border or rock garden. The exotic plants do not look as if they are hardy but that are actually very hardy in the UK soils. In the colder parts of the UK they may benefit from mulching over the winter.  Plant on arrival with the centre crown covered.

Roscoea, especially roscoea Beesiana AGM is a very suitable for open borders and rock gardens. Likes sun or partial shade. Do best if they are allowed a dry dormant period after flowering. Roscoea will benefit from the use of root grow when planting.

Cultivate the soil to a depth of 20cms and plant them 10-15cms below the surface level, deeper in sandy well drained soils. Plant will need dividing every 3 to 4 years in April.  Top dress with leaf mould or garden compost each winter after top growth has died down.

AGM = Award of Garden merit

Tip: Avoid deep shade

Aspect: Prefer semi shade but will tolerate full sun during the summer..

Soil type: Free draining humus rich soils that do not dry out.

Height: 10-12″ (25-30cm)

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