Sprekelia formosissima


A truly stunning bright red plant that originates from Mexico and Guatemala.

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Sprekelia formosissima Jacobean Lily is a very unusual but stunning flower. This bulbous perennial has clumps of strap-shaped, mid-green leaves. Each stem which grows to about 18″ tall, bears a solitary scarlet to deep crimson flower in late spring or early summer; established clumps may flower again later in the summer.

A native to Mexico and Guatemala, Sprekelia formosissima or Jacobean Lily grows best in partial sun and needs abundant moisture. Because the bulbs are tender and bloom best when crowded, container culture is probably best.

Plant the bulb so as the top third is out of the soil. The best soil being one part well-rotted manure, one part sand and two parts leaf mould. Plant in a pot 5cm wider than the diameter of the bulb and put some crocks in the bottom for drainage. Feed with liquid fertiliser except when in flower. After flowering the plant should be fed every ten days. Cut the foliage in October or November and leave dormant until they begin to grow. Not hardy.

Tip: Repot every 2 to 3 years.

Soil Type best grown as a pot plant in bulb fibre and add rootgrow for good root formation.

Aspect: Indoors in a conservatory, greenhouse or similar

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