Super Mixture of Mid to Late Flowering Tulips


A super mixture of mid to late flowering tulips hand mixed by ourselves to give the best possible array of colours.

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Super Mixture of Mid to Late Flowering Tulips can be grown in containers and will look great together. Tulips grow well in most soil types as long as they are free draining. Happy in semi shade or full sun, although of course in full sun the flowers will fade quicker.

Cultivation Instructions

Super Mixture of Mid to Late Flowering Tulips are most effective when planted in groups of 10 or more. Before planting ensure the soil is cultivated to a depth of 15 to 20cms and is free draining, in the heavier soils add grit and rotted humus material to give extra drainage. Plant bulbs with the pointed bit upwards at a depth of 10-15cms (deeper in sandy/loose soils) and 10cms apart. When planting in containers planting depths and distances are governed by container size and the number of bulbs you want to put in.

Plant tulips anytime from Late September through to early December, they prefer to be planted into soils that are cooling down after the summer.  Use Bulb Starter to give them a really good start and to encourage subsequent flowering.

Care tips:

Plant tulips when the ground starts to cool down which is often in November. However although planting earlier or later will not effect performance. Tulips benefit greatly from using bulb starter when planting.

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