Tulip Dwarf Early Red Riding Hood AGM


Vivid scarlet flowers with a black base and fantastic green and purplish red variegated leaves.

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Tulip Dwarf Early Red Riding Hood AGM has been around for many years and is a firm favourite or ours and also one of our most popular selling tulips.

AGM = Awarded a Garden Merit by the RHS for excellent garden performance

Cultivation instructions

Gregii tulips such as Tulip Dwarf Early Red Riding Hood AGM are well known for their early flowering and as they are shorter than most tulips they are great in containers or at the front of borders. For the best effect plant in groups of 7 or more. Grow in soils that are free draining and that will be in the sun for a good part of the day as a minimum. Ensure the soil is kept full of nutrients during the growing season and if needed feed with bonemeal or water in tomatoe food during the leaf and flower stage. Cultivate the soil well before planting to a depth of 20cms, plant bulbs 10cms deep and 10cms apart. It is traditional to plant tulips in October when the ground starts to cool down. If this is a concern do not worry if you plant them earlier or later as they will still grow well.

Care tips:

Tulips do benefit from using bulb starter when first planting and if you can loosen the soil to a depth of 20cms that would also be helpful to the root development.  Will work really well when planted with other dwarf bulbs such as crocus and dwarf narcissi.

Keep tulips well fed during the growing season and remember to lift them at the end of the season. Only the big bulbs should be kept to flower for the following year.

Tulips are often treated as annuals as flowering performance the following year is never as good.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 20cm (8″)

Flowering Period: April-May

Soil type: Fertile, well drained soils that do not become excessively wet. Neutral to alkaline soils preferred.

Aspect: Happy in full sun but flowers will last longer in semi shaded areas.

Scented: N/A

Planting Depth: 10cms

Spacing: 10-cms apart.

Full growing instructions provided.

New season top quality bulbs dispatched from September on-wards

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