Tulip Rembrandt Insulinde


Insulinde is violet on a creamy yellow back ground growing to 2 feet.

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Tulip Rembrandt Insulinde was only introduced in 1916 it is one of the few Rembrandt tulips still in cultivation. Violet on a creamy yellow background.

Broken and Bizarre tulips. These are very rare old tulips from the Hortus Bulborum in Holland and are seldom offered.

Cultivation Instructions:

Rembrandt tulips such as Tulip Rembrandt Insulinde are broken and bizarre tulips, they are very rare old tulips from the Hortus Bulborum in Holland and very limited in supply. If left in the ground they are unlikely to re-flower after their first year. The alternative to discarding such an expensive bulb is to lift and dry the tulip bulbs after flowering. Deadhead to prevent seed production and wait until foliage turns yellow before lifting the bulbs. Lift and allow the bulbs to dry thoroughly before storing and dust with yellow sulphur.

Propagation: Division, Separate offsets when bulbs are lifted to be stored dry in a tray over summer. Replant offsets at least 15cms deep rather than too shallow or they may not flower. Feed during flowering and leaf stage.

It is traditional to plant tulips in October when the ground starts to cool down. Tulips do benefit from using bulb starter when first planting and if you can loosen the soil to a depth of 20cms that would also be helpful to the root development.  Plant tulip bulbs 15cms deep and 10cms apart in free draining soils. In the heavier soils add grit and rotted humus material to give extra drainage.

DO NOT PLANT in multi purpose compost.

Care tips:

Tulips do benefit from using bulb starter when first planting.

Remember to lift tulips at the end of the season. Only the big bulbs should be kept to flower for the following year. Tulips are often treated as annuals as flowering performance the following year is never as good.

Lifted bulbs should be kept in a cool dark place for the summer before re-planting in the Autumn period.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 60cms (24″)

Flowering Period: Late April-May

Soil type: Free draining, fertile soils that are not acid.

Aspect: Suitable for semi shade or full sun.

Scented: N/A

Planting Depth: 10-15cms

Spacing: 10cms apart.

Full growing instructions provided.

New season top quality bulbs dispatched from September on-wards

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