Tulip Single Late Dordogne AGM


Dordogne has soft claret pink with hues of tangerine orange.

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A lovely tulip that on opening is a soft claret rose which changes as it ages from nasturtium red to tangerine orange.

They are generally large tulips and are ideal for using in bedding schemes and for cut flower. The flowers of Dordogne open as a soft claret-rose which ages to a tangerine orange. Awarded a Garden Merit by the RHS for its great garden performance.

They work really well with annuals and bi-annuals and are one of the later flowering tulips in May. In particular they work really well with wallflowers and by choosing colour schemes for both you can achieve some wonderful combinations. Prefer soils that are free draining and of a ph neutral to alkaline. In heavy soils such as clay or sandy soils add organic matter.


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