Zantedeschia Captain Ceres


Captain Ceres has wonderful bright golden yellow spathes with an orange flush on the outside.

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Zantedeschia Captain Ceres has bright vibrant golden spathes flushed orange on the outside and a paler orange flush on the inside .

Zantedeschia are best started off in the greenhouse.  Plant out in a damp spot in the garden or containers when the fear of frosts have passed.  Zantedeschia Captain Ceres are attractive summer flowering plants and will brighten up any garden setting. They are also ideal to grow in containers and put the container in a frost free location over winter. If growing outside, they are best grown in a sunny well drained area.

Zantedeschia is a genus of eight species of herbaceous, perennial, flowering plants in the family Araceae. This is native to southern Africa from South Africa north to Malawi.

Grow in warm sunny spots and if fear frost from bring indoors. Protect plants from frosts over the winter. Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms and plant bulbs with rough surface facing up 10cms deep.

Tip: Keep well fed with well rotted compost, Bonemeal or Tomato food during leaf and flower stage.  Usually better if brought indoors over winter or keep in very sheltered spots.

Soil type: Free draining light soil

Aspect: full sun if possible, although partial shade is ok

Height: 18-24″ (45-60cm)


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