Begonia Pendula Orange


Flowers of bright vibrant orange that make a fantastic display.

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Superb bright orange pendulous flowers. We provide large 6/+cm tubers as we know these are the best for a summer of colour. Start of in seed trays or hanging baskets in the greenhouse from January to April and harden off outside when the fear of frosts have finished. Pendula begonias are ideal for hanging baskets or containers where they can hang down showing their cascade of flowers.

When planting in containers use a mixture of 50/50 multi-purpose compost and john innes number 2 or similar. Keep compost moist during the growing and flowering season and especially in containers make sure they are fed with a liquid fertiliser such a tomato food.

Instructions provided but for further growing instructions see ‘Tim’s Tip’s begonias’ on youtube.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun.

Soil type: Free draining, moisture retentive soils. Keep begonias well fed when flowering.


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