Paeony Coral Sunset


Paeony Coral Sunset has flowers of semi double shape and are glorious. The flowers emerge coral then fade to a pale lemon.

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Paeony Coral Sunset is a vibrantly coloured peony with deep rose pink semi double flowers.

Peonies will tolerate many soil type and are hardy even in the coldest of gardens. They do however prefer a slightly acid rich loam soil that drains well. Before planting prepare the area by digging in well rotted compost and add grit in heavier soils. Plant crowns of Paeony Coral Sunset approx. 5cm below the surface of the soil and avoid using high content nitrogen fertilisers on them during the growing season. They are also remarkably pest and disease resistant plants. A great feature in cottage gardens or herbaceous borders as the foliage remains green for a long period of time.

Soil type: Free draining soils that are slightly acidic.

Aspect: Full sun to partial shade.




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